Membership Benefits

People In Office - Membership BenefitsThe United Shippers’ Alliance (“USA”) helps its member-shippers reduce their transportation expense, improve their customer service and ultimately increase their company’s profitability.

Lower Transportation Rates Through Aggregated Volume – The USA leverages tens-of-millions-of-dollars of transportation spend across its entire membership when negotiating with LTL carriers and steamship lines in order to achieve better rates and service than any one member could achieve on their own.

Industry Knowledge and Collaboration – The collaboration between and collective knowledge of the USA’s staff and its member transportation professionals allow the USA to develop cost competitive, service sensitive transportation solutions for each individual member.

Shipper Control – The USA is member-owned where member logistics personnel retain operational control of shipments, while the USA staff, with member assistance and participation, negotiates master contracts leveraging the aggregate volume of all members.

Multiple Carrier Options – The USA has established long-term contract relationships with a wide variety of LTL carriers and steamship companies to ensure every member has multiple carrier options for every major transportation lane.