United Shippers Alliance Hosting “Reduce Your LTL and Ocean Transportation Expense” Webinar

Learn how the United Shippers Alliance has helped over 100 Shippers reduce their LTL and ocean transportation expense between 10 and 40 percent.

Columbus, OH (PRWeb) – The United Shippers Alliance (“USA”), a shippers association comprised of over 150 shipper-members across the country, is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, September 25th at 1:00 p.m. ET titled: “Reduce Your LTL and Ocean Transportation Expense” webinar. The webcast is free and will provide a detailed overview of the history, approach and shipper benefits provided by the USA and how its ocean and LTL transportation programs can help shippers attending the webinar generate substantial cost savings.

“While businesses continue to search for ways to reduce costs, the LTL and ocean transportation expense is one of the few areas with significant remaining cost savings opportunity,” said Gene Graves, Executive Director of the United Shippers Alliance and presenter for this webinar. “The United Shippers Alliance was formed over 15 years with the sole purpose of helping company executives realize substantial savings in their LTL and ocean transportation expense.”

What Will Be Presented at this Ocean Transportation Webinar?

Specifically, the “Reduce Your LTL and Ocean Transportation Expense” webinar will provide attendees with:

(1) an overview of the USA, one of the largest and most successful shipper’s associations in the United States,
(2) a detailed look at the approach, process and benefits of the USA’s LTL and ocean programs for small and mid-sized shippers,
(3) a review of the commercial framework and rate structure for USA’s ocean and LTL transportation programs, and
(4) an understanding of the “no obligation” process to join the USA and participate in its programs and contracts.

This webinar is of specific importance to shippers with your margins that are getting tighter and profits that are getting squeezed. By attending this webinar, these shippers will discover much needed information about one of the few remaining areas in the budget that can generate additional cost savings.

About the United Shippers Alliance:

Founded in 1991, the United Shippers’ Alliance (“USA”) is one of the most active Shippers Associations in the nation, helping over 150 shippers reduce their LTL and ocean transportation costs between 10 and 40 percent while meeting their service level objectives. Its sole mission is to negotiate the most competitive transportation rates and services for its members. The USA is able to meet its members’ transportation cost and service objectives by:

  • Exercising negotiation leverage from over $50 million in member transportation contracts
  • Establishing long-term, strategic relationships with leading LTL and ocean carriers
  • Applying decades of transportation industry experience and knowledge
  • Leaving operational carrier management, communications and control to its shipper-members.