Press Release – “How to Turn Ocean Transportation Programs into a Competitive Advantage” Webinar

Provides an in-depth look at major trends, status, pricing and strategy for ocean transportation

Columbus, OH (PRWeb) March 20, 2013 – The United Shippers Alliance, a shippers association comprised of over 150 shipper-members across the country, is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, March 27th at 1:00 p.m. ET titled: How to Turn Ocean Transportation Programs into a Competitive Advantage.” The Webcast is free and will provide valuable information about the ocean transportation industry that will be beneficial to company executives and their staffs.

“This webinar aims to provide company executives with a better understanding of what’s taking place in the ocean transportation industry and how they can more effectively manage their relationships with ocean carriers to gain a competitive advantage,” said Gene Graves, Executive Director of the United Shippers Alliance and presenter for this webinar.

What Will Be Presented at this Ocean Transportation Webinar?

Specifically, the How to Turn Ocean Transportation Programs into a Competitive Advantage Webinar will:

(1)    Look at the major trends impacting the ocean transportation industry,

(2)    Assess the current health of the ocean industry and its major carriers,

(3)    Identify the major factors that impact ocean  transportation pricing, and

(4)    Provide key strategies and negotiation approaches that can be used to improve the value (cost/service mix) delivered to companies by ocean carriers.

The Webinar is scheduled to take less than an hour and will be presented online. A question and answer session will be included towards the end of the presentation, so attendees will be encouraged to submit any questions and comments throughout.

About the United Shippers Alliance

Founded in 1991, the United Shippers’ Alliance (“USA”) is one of the most active Shippers Associations in the nation, helping over 150 shippers reduce their LTL and ocean transportation costs between 10 and 40 percent while meeting their service level objectives. Its sole mission is to negotiate the most competitive transportation rates and services for its members. The USA is able to meet its members’ transportation cost and service objectives by:

  • Exercising negotiation leverage from over $50 million in member transportation contracts
  • Establishing long-term, strategic relationships with leading LTL and ocean carriers
  • Applying decades of transportation industry experience and knowledge
  • Leaving operational carrier management, communications and control to its shipper-members.